PWC Cool Night Classic 2013

You know how sometimes you run a race, it’s shit, and you say you’ll never do it again?  The Cool Night Classic was one of those races. I ran it in 2011 and did not enjoy it – a combination of poor course ( it was an out and back along the riverside bikeway, which was super congested and frustrating), hot and muggy weather, and poor racing on my behalf.

As of last year they changed the course to a loop (running over the Goodwill Bridge to Southbank, then back across the Victoria Bridge to the bikeway, finishing back at the botanical gardens), and road races are hard to come by at this time of year – so I decided to give it a second chance. Plus it was an opportunity to finally wear my Oiselle team singlet, and it’s not the fault of the organisers that I went out too hard and blew up last time!

The big singlet debut!

This was my first 5km race since my PB at Bridge to Brisbane. I think post-PB races are the toughest. I always hope that I will run just as quick the next time but it just doesn’t work that way! And this is definitely not a PB event. I was already a bit apprehensive about the race, and finding out the my bib had been folded in half added to the nerves. My race bib was posted out to me, but I don’t open mail very often so I found it a few days before the race. The bib itself is clearly labelled with Do Not Bend, but unfortunately there was nothing on the envelope so the postie folded it up to fit it into our letterbox. The organisers were really helpful, and organised a new number for me the day before the race.

It was another warm day, so I limited my warm up to a short jog and some strides.  I’ve recently realised that shorter warm ups on hot days makes a big difference, because there’s not much point in raising my body temperature too much before the start.

There’s not much to say about the race itself. I went out at a conservative pace (trying to avoid the same fate from 2 years ago).  I was working pretty hard, but I knew I wasn’t running very fast. 

I’m not excited about my time, but I’m happy with the way that I raced. I overtook a couple girls on the second bridge, and then a different girl passed me with about 1.5km to go.

I’m really not fussed either way about this race. It has improved a lot since last time. It is still too congested at the start, and a 5:30pm race in October is always going to be hot.  It’s good to have a race at this time of year so I will most likely run it again.

Final time: 21:56, 6th place.


3 thoughts on “PWC Cool Night Classic 2013

    1. Thanks! One thing I love about 5km races is the fact you can do them so frequently, so it’s easier to forget a bad race.

      It is a good feeling wearing the Oiselle team singlet 🙂

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