Gold Coast Weekend: You Inspire Me.

Gold Coast marathon (and associated distances) is on this weekend. I’m not running this year, but a lot of people that I know are. My running inspiration/motivation comes primarily from people that I know. And inspiration can come in many forms!

Talia: my sister (and the rest of my family) has always been fit and active, but has only started running fairly recently. She’s been smart with her training, and is running the 5.7km race on the weekend. I love that she is taking part in one of my favourite hobbies, and I really hope she enjoys the experience! Also good luck to KJ and Ciaran!

Darragh: I’ve known Darragh for quite some time and over the past 12 months I’ve seen him go from someone who was generally active but not super fit, to someone who is really fit and ready to run his first marathon! He’s going into the race with a realistic plan, but I think he might surprise himself with exactly how his body will handle the distance.

Sarah: after being injured for what seems like forever, Sarah has had a kick arse year so far. She follows her training plan to a T (something I couldn’t do) and has dropped something crazy like 90 seconds off her 10km time recently. When you’re already running sub-40 a jump like this is insane. She’s running the half at GC and I’m really excited to see how well she does!

Lucy: it’s really exciting to see Lucy starting to get her speed back, and it seems like she’s really enjoying training at the moment. I think the 10km will be a great test of where she’s at.

Lovie: another marathoner. And another person who has been training hard and making huge gains. I think a big PB is in order this weekend!

Clare and Mel: both these girls aren’t running on the weekend because of injury. I hate when my friends can’t run because of injury! They’re both great runners and I know they’ll be out there speeding along again soon.


Good luck to everyone running – this is just a mere snapshot of everyone who inspires me.


One thought on “Gold Coast Weekend: You Inspire Me.

  1. That’s going to be a fun day out, with so many friends to support! Almost as much fun as running yourself!

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