Setting new parkrun goals

I’m going through another parkrun phase at the moment.  It’s the perfect time of year to go to parkruns – the weather’s good, and there are a lot of fun runs/cross country coming up. Having a hard 5km effort (that’s not a race) to look forward to each week is great! So much better than doing tempo runs every week.

It is also a good opportunity to set mini goals:

Run at every different location in South East Queensland at least once. There are currently 12 events within a 1 hour drive of my house, with 2 more starting soon. I’ve recently discovered a most events list, and I want to be on it! So far I’ve run at 9 of the different events and 3 inaugrals.

Cleveland inaugral
Cleveland inaugral
Varsity Lakes event 4
Varsity Lakes event 4

Run naked: parkrun is the perfect opportunity to practice running to effort, rather than being a slave to the numbers on a watch. I’ve run the past 3 parkruns naked and it’s not making me slower – they’ve been some of my fastest runs in a while. Not close to my PB, but also not at a PB effort. I keep telling myself that I’m running fast but easy.

Chase course records: so this one doesn’t really gel with the parkrun philosophy, but it’s something that I’m having a bit of fun with. Some of the newer events are fairly small, and I know that my times will be beaten very quickly but seeing my name listed at the bottom of the parkrun event page is another little confidence boost. I’ll never be a world beater so this is a way for me to feel like I’m having a little bit of success.


Volunteer: parkrun depends on volunteers in order to provide free, consistent events. I haven’t volunteered yet, but I want to help out at least once over the next few months.

I’m also trying to keep my parkrun page updated to provide a central sort of resource for parkrun in this area!


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