I’m kinda bummed that track season is over

Why is it that if something takes so long to arrive, it then feels like it’s over way too quickly? It has been 4 months since I started training specifically for track, and I had my last race of the official season last night. I’ve run two 800m races since I last posted, there was meant to be a 1500m in there as well but they cancelled the meet because of rain. It takes a lot of rain for a Brisbane meet to be cancelled, but I think they made the right call. I was looking forward to racing, but it just wasn’t meant to be!

The first of the two 800m races was last friday night. 12 girls entered, and they split the field 8/4 for the 2 heats. I was a bit disappointed that I’d only be racing a couple other girls in the slower heat, especially when one girl withdrew. I was still happy with my run – I went sub 2:40 for the first time (2:38 to be exact) and my splits were even for the second race in a row! The second lap is definitely key, and having people to chase (even in a 3 person race) makes it easier to cope with the hurt.

Last night wasn’t quite so great. I’d been feeling nervous all day (which is dumb – it was a low key all comers meet) and I showed up at the track feeling quite apprehensive. There was just the one heat, which means that I was up against the speedy kids. I know 800s are meant to hurt, and after 200m I was really feeling it! I think the first lap was 73 seconds, and I finished in 2:41. That’s a pretty dramatic slowdown. I was spat out the back of the race right from the start, so I essentially ran a time trial. I was pretty disappointed with my time when I finished, but it’s still my second fastest 800 and I can’t really expect to improve dramatically each time! Maybe with the right race, and the right mindset I’ll be able to maintain 73-75 second laps.

But now there are no more races 😦

I couldn’t enter the state champs in the end (I’m working out west for a couple weeks). There are normally a few low key track meets during cross country season so I’ll race a few of those, but I really wish I had just one more race in a few weeks time! I really enjoy racing, even when I come last. There’s always something to learn from putting everything out there – and it’s not always about the time.

It’s now time to start working on endurance again. I’m going to push my long runs back up to around 15km (they’re 12km at the moment) and it’s time to add those pesky tempo runs back in as well. And hills, lots of hills. I’m bad at cross country but I know it will make me stronger so I’m going to embrace it once the season starts!

Today is a rest day, and it’s turning into a fat day of epic proportions. I had Maccas for lunch, and we’re going out for beer and wings tonight. I’m not going to feel bad about any of it – I need to let loose every once in a while! That endurance stuff can wait until tomorrow…


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