Road Mile Fun

It is now getting close to 4 weeks since we arrived home from NZ, and racing season is back in full force. I’ve put in a solid 4 weeks of consistent training along with racing on the weekend.

On the 10th of February I ran the Brisbane Blast Road Mile, which was the 1 running race amongst a day of cycling criteriums. We raced one and a bit loops of the course at Southbank, which I think was the first event of its kind in Brisbane. I found it really exciting watching the cyclists speed around the course – the noise of the peleton was insane. The road mile was really small, and definitely second fiddle to the cycling. The lack of information beforehand was pretty frustrating, but it was a lowkey race and a lot of fun.

The mile had its own start line away from the mayhem of the cycling start/finish, ran past the finish line before completely a lap around the block. It was a fun course – slightly downhill to start (perfect for going out too hard – eek!), followed by 600m of flat running, then 450m uphill (right when the legs are starting to burn). We then ran back down past the start line before a final quick left turn and then the finish line. There were only 8 people in the race – and more girls than guys for once!

When we started I was actually able to get into a good rhythm fairly quickly, and I feel like I used the downhill to my advantage to accelerate easily. There was definitely no fanfare at the start – just ready, go. We all spread out fairly quickly, but I could still the most of the other competitors in the distance. I say most, because the winner of the race is really quick…

When we hit the hill, I was feeling good. I should clarify – I don’t normally even realise there’s a hill on Merivale Street, even when I run along it on my long run. It’s just that when you’re running mile pace and it’s already hurting, any incline is going to be hard!

I actually overtook a guy on the hill, and accelerated from him on the downhill. Coming into the home straight I also chased down another girl. Boom! Except then the guy came sprinting through, and just got me on the line. It was such a fun race. I definitely run my best race when I have mini battles with the people around me, and I was really happy with my time. I’d looked up my predicted time (based on the 3000m from the weekend before), and I managed to run 30 seconds quicker than that on a hilly not flat course

Finish time: 5:55. They never actually published results. I think I was 4th female.

Running extra reps after a race is apparently a really good way to boost fitness. I wouldn’t recommend doing it after a major A race, but after a low key race like this it works really well.  I had a quick drink after the race, and then headed to the Goodwill Bridge for some hill sprint fun. Keeping a short break between the race and the reps meant that adrenaline was still high, and that my legs hadn’t yet realised it was time to slow down. I only did a short set – 5x30seconds, and I felt really strong. It was almost like the race had given me brief super hero powers!

I really hope that more events like this start appearing around the place, and that more runners decide to join in. It’s less intimidating than a track race, and a mile is such a fun distance.


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