Shoe Hoarder (racing shoes)

I’ve already posted about my training shoes, so here is the next instalment: racing shoes! I like racing shoes even more than training shoes – there’s something very exciting about putting a pair on, and knowing they’re designed to run fast.

Nike Zoom Streak XC M8.0 (retired)


I’m sad to finally get rid of these. They’re a really good pair of racing flats – really light, really simple. I should have gotten rid of them few months ago but I just kept holding on. I had no problems with the fit.

New Balance RC5000 M8.0


These are my replacements for the Zoom Streak XCs. So far, so good. I’ve worn them for one track race (3000m), one track session and a road mile. They’ve felt really good every time. I’m not going to wear them for training now that I’ve settled into them – like all really lightweight racing flats they are going to wear out really quickly.

Nike Lunaracer M8.0 (retired) and M8.5


These were shoes that I had been wanting to try for a long time, because so many people rave about them. I bought the size 8 pair first, which is my usual size. They’re too small and the upper is pretty unforgiving so I only wore them a handful of times. Luckily they were on sale! The 8.5s are a lot better, but I still don’t think they’re the perfect fit for me. The toe box tapers too much so after longer runs I end up with blistered little toes. They’re good shoes for short tempos, or hill reps – runs with lower km.

Nike Zoom W F9.5


These are fairly new spikes. They’re not super light but I’m not super quick either, so these do the job for me on the track. I’m only wearing them for 800m and 1500m races, and wearing flats for anything longer. It’s strange wearing spikes, because the sole isn’t very flexible (I think to encourage you to get on your toes) and because, well, there are spikes in the sole. I had sprinting spikes in high school and these have a bit more of a heel in comparison. I haven’t worn them enough to decide how much I like them, but they look great!

If you don’t wearing racing flats at the moment, I’d suggest getting a pair. Even if they’re just a lighter trainer, it really does feel special to have racing shoes!


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