State 3000m

The best way to return to full fitness after a holiday is to race. If there is a race available the weekend after I get back, I’ll always enter – ideally a 3km or a 5km. It’s a great way to see if I’ve lost any fitness, and racing always gives me motivation to get back into training. Now that I’ve been running for a couple years, my fitness comes back a lot quicker as well.

I’m training for 800m and 1500m races at the moment, but I decided to run the 3000m state champs last weekend – 2 days after returning from New Zealand. I didn’t run when we were away, but we’d hiked and kayaked. Plus we were only away for 9 days – not long enough to lose too much fitness.

In past years when I’ve run this race there’s been maybe 8 other runners, whereas this year they needed to split us into 2 heats (I think there were about 30 runners all up). I was in the slower heat, which was great. I actually had people to race, and I didn’t get lapped!

I finished in 12:35, 32 seconds slower than my PB. I stayed relaxed throughout the race, and I didn’t go out way too hard – just slightly!

It was a great hit out, and exactly what I wanted after a relaxing break. I also enjoyed watching the faster race beforehand, especially seeing Clare have a great race now that she’s back running again.

QA must be doing something right – there were big fields for the 3000m, but also for the rest of the meet. I’m not sure if it’s just because it’s the year after an Olympics, or if the changes that QA made to the fee structure have made a difference. Either way I’m loving racing right now.

Speedy Clare and I post race

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