Shoe Hoarder (Training Shoes)

I have a bit of a shoe problem. I actually don’t buy running shoes as often as I have previously, but I find it really hard to throw them away! Even if they’re obviously worn out, I like to keep them ‘just in case’. But, it’s time. Sorry shoes but you’ve got to get out of my life!


I run in quite a few different shoes, and different brands. I think this is good for injury prevention but I also have a short attention span and like trying new things. I normally have at least 5 shoes in the back of my mind that I want to try out! I know I should stick to a good thing when I find it, but there’s no guarantee the shoe companies will keep things the same with new models anyway. I do tend to keep shoes for a little bit longer than average too, because I would wear most pairs maybe once per week.

I’m not a shoe blogger but I thought I’d put a few notes together if anyone wants comparisons/opinions. I also run in a lot of men’s shoes (more choice) so I’ve made a note which gender and size the shoes are. I wear mainly lightweight trainers, racing flats or minimalist shoes. If you’re in heavier trainers you need to allow yourself time to adapt when you change anything, so just because I say something’s good doesn’t mean it will be for you!

Brooks Pure Connect F9.5 (retired)


These have been my every day running shoes since I bought them in June last year. They’re a good fit and an easy shoe to run in, and I ran my half marathon wearing these. I like the lower heel (4mm drop) and they’re probably the shoe I’ve worn most often, which is why they’ve worn out relatively quickly.

New Balance WT101 F9.5


I love these shoes. I don’t run trails often enough, but I am really happy when I get to put these shoes on. They’re just a fun pair of shoes: the fit is spot on for me, they’re grippy enough for what I need and they look pretty, yet hardcore at the same time! I don’t think the recent models are as good as these (mine are 2 years old but have only really been worn once or twice per month), so I hope I don’t need a new pair any time soon.

Puma Faas 300 F9.0 (retired)


This is a very basic shoe. It took me a while to enjoy wearing them, because the upper is quite cushioned, and I would always tie them too tight. I never had any trouble with the soles – there are no bells and whistles but simple can often be best. This pair is 2 years old and they only started showing signs of wear about 2 months ago.

Inov-8 Bare-X Lite 150 M8.0 (retired)


I was really excited to try these shoes. They’re zero drop and minimal, but still with a little bit of cushioning. Unfortunately they were too big for me, so I never completely loved them. My feet would get quite hot on the soles wearing them – I guess from friction because they weren’t held in place very well? The shoes also started to wear out quite quickly. I’ve had them for about 1 year but the wear on the soles started showing very early on.

Skora Form F9.0


These are replacing the Inov-8s as my zero-drop pair of shoes. I’ve only run in them once, so I don’t know yet how much I’ll like them. They look really well made, and I’m hoping they last me a very long time. I got blisters on the tops of my big toe joints (early bunions make my feet mongy) but I think the leather upper will adapt and they’ll end up super comfy.

Mizuno Wave Precision F9.5


I haven’t worn a pair of trainers like this for a long time. I wanted a pair of shoes with a higher heel to give my calves/achilles a break sometimes, but these are still quite lightweight. The upper is very comfortable, and so far I like them for warming up etc. I don’t think they’ll be my long run shoe, when I wore them for just over an hour earlier this week I could tell that my form was getting a little sloppy towards the end. I was pretty tired though, so I’ll try them out on a long run soon.

K-Swiss Blade Foot Run M8.0


I tried these shoes for the pure reason that they were on sale. They’re a little bit heavy, a little bit clunky, and I definitely don’t feel fast when I wear them. The fit is OK, but I don’t put them on and think “Wow these are comfy’. They’re fine for easy run days but I wouldn’t choose them for speed work or long runs. I also don’t really like black shoes…

Surely I’m not the only runner out there with a collection like this. How many shoes do you run in? I haven’t even posted my racing shoes yet…


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