Coomera parkrun

This past weekend I headed down to Coomera to try my hand at a slightly more challenging parkrun course. This is the first parkrun event that I’ve gone to in an area where I’ve not run before. The other parkrun events I’ve been to have been either near the Brisbane River, or at the beach and all in areas that are well known to me. The community support at Coomera was quite evident – the local supermarkets provided fruit for the morning and there was free coffee after the run. Impressive.


The course consists of 2 laps that are out and back, but also starts with a loop around the lake. Confusing. It was well signed, and I tucked in behind a few other runners for the first lap so I knew where I was going. It would have been pretty hard to get lost! It’s not crazy hilly, but none of the course is flat either. There’s one proper hill up to the turnaround point on each lap, with a really fun downhill. What goes up must come down, hey? My aim was to run fast but relaxed, which is exactly how I felt for the whole run – I must be getting fitter! It is one of the smaller events around (45 finishers this week) so it’s got quite a personal feel to it. If only it wasn’t a 45 minute drive away…

Coomera parkrun
I beat that guy. #chicked

Finish time: 22:01, 7th place overall, 1st female



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