• 9 interval/track sessions
  • 1 hill session
  • 2 long runs
  • 2 parkruns
  • 2 track races (800m 2:43, 1500m 5:58)
  • 1 tempo session

Hmmm, so looking at those stats I liked running fast this month. I guess that's what happens when you join a track club. After the half marathon I was ready to change it up, and so far I feel like I've made the right decision. I took it easy for 2 weeks, and then started to get back into it. I'm training with the new club once a week, and the coach has sent me his program. I'm pretty much aiming to do what he does in a week, but on a 10 day cycle instead. I am also running with another group once a fortnight to mix things up a bit. Running with friends = running happy.

The track sessions are different to what I've done in the past, because I'm no longer running with mainly half marathon/marathon runners. Generally we do shorter reps, with longer recoveries. Or we might do 3 sets of reps instead of completing them in one big block. It's difficult to NOT run fast on the track, so my pacing is a bit out at the moment. I'll figure it out, eventually.

QA had introduced different levels of membership this year, and I've signed up as a premium member. I have essentially paid for all my races upfront. This means I need to race – or I've wasted my money. 2 races down, at least 8 to go to break even. The races have both been slow, but at least the thought of showing up and having a crack is starting to get less scary.

I'm also getting back into the habit of running at parkrun on Saturday morning. (if you haven't looked already, check out my new parkrun page). I'm not running these very fast at the moment – I'm telling myself I'm using them as a tempo run, but in reality I'm probably just not race fit.

parkrun, November 3

So, there you have it. My month, condensed into one fragmented post. Goals for December: one long run per week (or at least once every 10 days), stay consistent with track workouts, start pushing harder at parkrun again. And maybe do a monthly recap on time šŸ˜‰




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