Good food, good company, good life.

After the race I spent a bit of time with my running group, before heading off to meet a friend for lunch. A few of my friends have moved to Melbourne, and I have family there – this is the main reason that I chose Melbourne as my first true 'destination' race. I've done races while on holidays before, but not travelled specifically for a race.

I was meeting my friend in North Melbourne – about 4km from the MCG. When I'm not running, I walk everywhere. (Like the time I decided to walk from my house to Carindale shopping centre. It was 9km. I didn't realise it would take me a couple hours, until I started walking.)

When I started walking to the cafe I noticed that my anterior hip (hip flexor sort of area) was feeling a little bit sore. I had aggravated it 2 weeks previously using a dodgy exercise bike, but it originally settled down pretty quickly. I guess running 21km at pace made it cranky again. The walk was worth it – I don't think I've ever had such perfect weather in Melbourne! Plus we had a great lunch (at Beatrix), followed by a trip to the markets. This, of course, meant more walking.

I finally slowed down for the afternoon and went to the pub. Apart from nearly losing my handbag, it was a fun afternoon/evening filled with cocktails and good food.

This is essentially the theme for this entire post

After a couple more days in Melbourne catching up with friends and family, it was time to head back to Brisbane.

I had no real plans for my recovery from the half marathon (not that I ever really follow a plan). When my hip was feeling a bit strange I decided to book in for a massage on the Friday following the race. My hip only hurt on the day of the race, but afterwards it just felt uncomfortable. Sitting in cars and planes for hours on end probably wasn't helping either. The massage was partly for general recovery but also to see if anything was actually wrong with my hip. Apparently something (a tendon? Or ligament?) was locking up, and pulling other things in to counteract whatever was going on. I obviously paid a lot of attention when he was talking to me!

I ran a couple easy days during the week, and then went to parkrun on the Saturday. I went to a different location, and while the weather wasn't great (it was super windy) I was happy to run hard again.

J has been working out of town recently, but he had the past week off so my priority was to spend time with him. We had a BBQ lunch on the Sunday (Oktoberfest!) and then booked an apartment down the coast for 5 nights. I work on the Gold Coast a couple days a week (when I'm not traveling), so we don't normally holiday down there. It's so close to home that we really should take advantage of it more often! We spent the week swimming, body surfing, eating and drinking. Essentially, a perfect week.

The biggest benefit of being so close to home is that we got plenty of visitors while we were down there. Good friends make life even better!

When we were away I only ran once: I visited another parkrun location. I also did a little bit of yoga and strengthening when we were hanging out in the apartment, but nothing too strenuous.

Now that I've had a break, it's time to make this fast, fun summer a reality!


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