Melbourne half: goals

This race has got me scared. I have absolutely no clue how I’m going to go on Sunday. When I signed up for this thing, I was just going to run it for the experience but as I have gotten closer to the day I’m getting greedy and starting to think more about time goals. Just finishing the race will mean a PB, but the competitive side of me won’t quiet down!

Stretch goal: sub 1:38. Most race calculators suggest 1:38 based on recent race times, but I don’t think my endurance is quite at that level.

A goal: 1:40. Running 4:45 pace seems achievable.

B goal: if it comes down to it, I think I can maintain 5min/km. I ran the bulk of my last few long runs at this pace in hot weather, so if conditions are good in Melbourne I should be fine.

Race plan: I think I’ll aim to run the first 1-2km at 5min/km pace, and ease into it. I really don’t want to go out too hard, implode, and hate the race. I think this is what I’m most scared of. My main aim to it to enjoy myself (if I keep telling myself this maybe I’ll believe it!)

I’ll see you on the other side.


8 thoughts on “Melbourne half: goals

  1. Good luck for Melbourne! I found your blog via Run, Eat, Repeat and I too live in BrisVegas. It’s great to read a blog that has races and places that I know!! You are quite a bit faster than I and I suspect quite a bit younger too 😉 Enjoy the race.

  2. Go with your race plan and ease into the race. Half marathons tend to attract the “race off fast, blow up shortly after” crowd probably more than your usual shorter races so just let them go. Maybe have a gel or something in your pocket just in case you need it. If you are feeling good by half way then just ease into top gear and let it rip! Above all enjoy!

    1. Thanks for the advice Pete. On a recent Marathon Talk podcast they were talking about longer races being like the tide – in the first half the tide is going out (so lots of people are passing you), then in the middle it gradually switches so that by the second half the tide is coming back in (catching people). If I can pull that off I’ll be happy with my race.

      I was planning on having some sports drink during the race, but like you suggest I’ll probably bring a gel with me in case I feel like I need a pick-me-up.

      1. Look out for aid stations and position your running line well away from them (assuming you are not after a drink etc) as in large road races there tends to be a real scramble with runners crossing in front of you to get a drink and a real chance of getting tripped up. A negative split would be great for your first half.

      2. I heard that same marathon talk ep and followed their advice regarding pace – spot on I reckon. I know in my run, I just tried to stick to an even pace. I counted maybe 2 or 3 people overtaking me throughout, whereas I overtook lots – maybe 20-30 people.

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