Getting to know you: My five must-have fitness items

As I've said before, running is a simple sport. It's a matter of getting out the door, and going for a run. Needless to say, there a few things that definitely make running a more pleasant experience.

My most important item is a proper pair of sunglasses. They need to be lightweight, and fit well. For every day sunnies I always wear polarized lenses, but for running sunnies I'm less concerned about that. I've gone through a few pairs of running specific sunnies (it's a perk of my job), and it's hard to tell what's going to work until I've worn them for a few decent runs.

My second must-have is neon! Obscure, I know. But I love running clothes, I love looking the part, and I love bright colours. This is a massive downfall as well, because I spend way too much money on clothes.

Thirdly, a hair-tie. Plus either a few bobby pins, or a headband. This is a deal breaker – there is no way that I can run with my hair in my face, or on my neck.

Work hair, run hair, sweaty hair

Nuun. Only because it's delicious, and it means I drink more water. I'm a bit dubious about the role of electrolytes in sports drinks, especially ones that don't have any sugar in them. Dr J is always reminding me that we need glucose to transport sodium into our bodies. I still have every flavour of Nuun, and he still drinks it on occasion…

And lastly – a watch. I'm quite attached to this watch, because it was my first ever running prize. I have another watch, plus a new Nike GPS watch, but this one gets used at least a few times each week.


This is a really bad photo. You're welcome.


Do you have any absolute essential fitness items?



6 thoughts on “Getting to know you: My five must-have fitness items

  1. I usually run without the need for sunglasses, especially during the fall where there’s less sun, and it also depends on where you live. Keep on running and always stay fit and healthy my friend!

    1. We have sunshine (almost) year round, so I rarely go out without my sunnies – unless I’m running at 5:30am (and in summer I even need them for the end of those runs!)

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