Twilight Bay 5km – race recap.

I’ve run the March edition of the Twilight Run every year since it started, and this year I ran the inaugural sister event – the Twilight Bay Run.

I said last week that I like racing on a Saturday morning, I also like racing on Saturday afternoon! It was an absolute glorious day, but very warm. I think it was still 24 degrees when the race started at 4pm. The 10km and the half started at 5pm, but it was still quite warm for them as well.

I worked on Saturday morning, then quickly got home and grabbed my stuff to head out to Wynnum. Unfortunately this was a false start – somehow I’d managed to forget my running shoes. Luckily I realized this when I was still close enough to home to I turn around. I always plan to arrive at races way earlier than I need to, so with this added adventure I still got there with just under an hour to go. It was quick for me to pick up my number, then the toilet line moved fairly quickly so I ended up with a decent amount of time to warm up.

After going for a bit of a jog I ran into some people I knew who were also running the 5km. We did another bit of a warmup together then headed to the start. I finally feel like I’ve got my pre-race routine sorted: I run about 2km, do some leg swings and then some strides. I may do a little bit of stretching by that’s just to keep moving and to try and use some nervous energy.

One of my friends said he was aiming for sub-20, so I decided to tuck in behind him and keep him in sight. I set my watch to miles instead of km so that I wouldn’t obsess over the pace or the distance.

I felt like I went out a little bit quickly, but that’s normal for me! It turns out it was silly-fast. My first km was 3:40, and then it gradually declined from there. I was working on my mental game, and I kept telling myself that it’s supposed to hurt, and I was choosing to run. It worked to an extent, I think I could have freaked out after the first km and ended up slowing down more!

It’s a brilliant course – very flat, and right next to the bay. I dumped a cup of water over my head at one stage, but didn’t really notice the heat otherwise.

I was passed by one other girl after about 1.5km, and I knew there were a couple more in front of me. I managed to maintain my position for the rest of the race, finishing in 21:18 and 5th overall, second in my age group.

I think it was a successful event overall, it was a lot bigger than they anticipated but there weren’t too many major dramas. Any new event needs a chance to find their feet!


3 thoughts on “Twilight Bay 5km – race recap.

    1. I’d considered writing about the trouble with the 10km and the half, with the lack of toilets and the crowded finish line for the winners, but I figured that my own experience was positive so I decided to focus on that. Sometimes a bad race can be the best motivation, and it’s only truly bad if you didn’t learn anything from it!

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