Getting to know you: My pre- and post- workout routine.

I love that running is an activity that doesn't necessarily take very much planning. You can essentially lace up and be out the door in a couple minutes.

If I'm running first thing in the morning, I wake up, go to the loo, get dressed and leave. No coffee, no food, no stretches. I always start out really slow, to give my body a chance to wake up and to warm up. I don't like early mornings, so catching a couple more minutes of sleep is a priority – you don't want to come across me when I'm tired and cranky! I also lay my clothes out the night before.

Outfit ready to go
Too tired to open my eyes

If I'm running after work, I try to run from work, rather than driving home and then running. The drive home can be the perfect time to come up with a reason not to run, so I don't give myself a chance to think about it. I might have something light to eat if I'm hungry, but otherwise it's just a matter of getting changed and getting out the door!

I usually have an idea of what I'm going to do each day, but sometimes I'll make the decision based on how I feel. So if my legs are still tired from a hard session I might take another easy day rather than struggling through a session that will be ugly.

After my run I normally stop and walk the last hundred metres. If the run finishes at home, I'll then have a glass of water, followed by some Nuun. Sometimes I get distracted by the Internet, or other things that are happening at home, so if I've got the day off and I didn't get ridiculously sweaty on the run the shower gets delayed until I can be bothered! I'm also not all that fussed on what I have for my post workout meal. It would be different if I was a elite athlete, and I needed to be recovered and ready for another session in a few hours. I'm not an elite athlete, so I just eat a meal if it's mealtime, or a snack if I'm hungry but it's not dinner time yet, and I don't complicate things.

Pretty simple stuff!



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