Bridge2Brisbane 5km

This past Sunday was a big event on Brisbane’s running calendar. This is the race that a lot of non-runners do, with 40000 participants this year. I actually find it a big hassle, but I do it every year anyway.

Most people run the 10km, which goes over the Gateway Bridge (or whatever they call it now) and finishes at the RNA show grounds. It starts at 6am, which combined with the crowds makes for a ridiculously early start. The 5km is much more civilized – it starts at 9:40!

Of course, this also has disadvantages in Brisbane. It was a very cold morning by our normal spring standards, but by the time the 5km started it had really started to warm up. I drove to the race, and parked at about halfway (it is a point-to-point course) so that I could run a decent warmup and cool down.

I bought a Nike GPS watch on Friday, so the race was my first opportunity to try it out, and ‘break some records’.

I’ll write a watch review, one day. Maybe.

When the race started the sun was beating down. It didn’t feel hot, it just felt like a gorgeous spring day! The course is flat for the first 2km, then there’s the dreaded ICB hill. After finally reaching the top of the hill (it feels like it goes on forever, but it’s not that long) the course then coasts down and around into the show grounds to finish. I think the 5km is short, but it’s still not a super fast course.

I started the morning feeling quite flat, so I went into the race already convinced I’d run slow. Yep, mentally defeated already. I started out ok, but after the hill I could not pick up the pace. I stayed at a comfortable-fast pace, and essentially cruised home.

I was pretty stoked to find out I came second in my age group, so that’s one positive for the day! And I’ve since found out that I won a pair of headphones for posting a photo on Instagram on the day. I like free stuff.

So the day definitely wasn’t all bad. I also met up with some friends for coffee afterwards. That always makes a day better 🙂

When I got home, I discovered that I got sunburnt. I was back in my car by 10:30, and it’s still early spring. Our sun is crazy!

I’ve got 2 more 5km races in the new few weeks, so I’m looking forward to running fast, and hopefully going sub-21! Surely if I type it, it’s going to happen…


2 thoughts on “Bridge2Brisbane 5km

  1. Wow 2nd in your age group! I think I’ll probably have to wait till I’m 70 before I get anywhere near that as it seems that all the runners in their 50’s within 10 miles of Bushy Park are ruddy athletes. Sub 21 minutes is still a bit of a dream for me but good luck. Winning a prize as well, excellent.

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