Getting to know you: How I log my workouts

For someone who spends so much time online, I actually don't log my mileage electronically. I have a dailymile account, which I used for a couple months but it didn't really provide the info that I want. I'm not that concerned about how many km I've run in a week, I need something that will show me what I've been doing, and show me at a glance.

I've recently started recording everything on a calendar:

(Printed from my Mac)
The colour codes are for long runs, easy runs, and 'quality' sessions (intervals, races, tempos, hills). I don't follow a program, so this is the best way for me to make sure that I'm not just running easy every single day! And it makes me get off my butt and go do some long runs occasionally… If I can wake up early enough!

If I have done a quality session, I also write the details in my notebook so that I know what times I ran, and what the session actually involved. If I don't have my running notebook with me I often write the details in another notebook or my diary, then transfer it across when I get a chance.

I also have a card file where I write down session suggestions. I used to always read sessions in magazines and think they looked good, but I would never remember what they were. I'm much more likely to do speed work by myself now, because I've got lots of sessions to choose from. I'd much prefer to do these sessions in a group, but it's just not always possible.

White cards are sessions, yellow cards are general training tips

At the end of the week I add up my mileage, but I don't record it. I don't think it's worth running more just to make up the numbers!



3 thoughts on “Getting to know you: How I log my workouts

  1. I use a google document, which is easy for me since I’m behind a computer all day and I love doing stats. Since it’s in the cloud, I can access it everywhere and I can easily track how I’m going in a neat chart like manner. I log performances, weight, body fat%, hours of sleep, calorie intake, as well as have a rough plan of each month. I also like things like runkeeper, because it can do manual input and allows you to do cycling as well.

    But, as you infer, each to their own – whatever works best for one person and all that.

  2. Wow organisation and planning. I must admit I “just go out running” and my Garmin uploads my data to Garmin Connect and I also upload it to which reads the Garmin data, but also allows you to track routes and kit used (which was useful when I wore marshmallow trainers and needed to replace them twice a year). Not a problem now though as I only replace my Luna’s when I can see though the hole in them!

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