Getting to know you: 5 foods I can’t live without

I'm sort of taking part in The Fitness Cheerleader's September challenge. I can't post everyday, so I'm just blogging when I can, and blogging about things that are slightly different to my normal topics (look! It's not a race recap!). I'm also picking and choosing topics from the August and September challenges. I guess it's a way to talk about myself a bit more, hence “Getting to knooooow you!” (does anyone get the Sam Simmons reference? No? Ok, then let's move on). The first topic is 5 foods I can't live without. I actually wrote this list over a couple days, and it ended up being hard to choose just five. It ended up being the first five I thought of, with honourable mentions going to cheese, oysters and (randomly) carrots.

  • 1. Chocolate. I'm sorry, I know it's obvious. I probably eat chocolate every. single. day. I occasionally give it up, but I never last long.

  • 2. Flavoured milk. Iced coffee/choc/strawberry/honeycomb makes a perfectly acceptable breakfast. J is the same, and he would not to move to the US for the pure fact that we have better milk here!
Spider fingers!
  • 3. Bananas. I've even paid up to $3 for a single banana in the past, after most of Australia's crops were destroyed by Cyclone Yasi. I probably eat a banana every day, if I can find one that is perfectly ripe. It's also the perfect accompaniment to flavoured milk!

  • 4. Rice. We eat a lot of Asian inspired meals, so we eat a fair bit of rice. Our rice cooker is on at least a couple nights per week.
  • 5. Avocado. If I get a sandwich, burger, or burrito it has to have avo on it! I don't like buying an avo from the supermarket though, it's hard to pick a good one…




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