Melbourne Half Marathon – I’ve entered!

I’ve entered a half marathon! I’ve said before that I had no interest in running longer races, and I think I’ll still prefer running 5km and below, but I guess I just want to see what it’s like. I didn’t quite enter on a whim, but it was a fairly quick decision. I’m lucky I entered when I did, because a few days later this message appeared on their website:

My running week classically involves 2 speed sessions, but the rest of the week varies depending on time available, if I’m working out of town, and how I’m feeling. I don’t really like doing long runs on the weekend – I would prefer to sleep in, and spend time with my husband! I know I SHOULD do long runs more…

Entering a half marathon has given me good motivation to suck it up and start running further again. It’s worked, so far – I’ve done a 17km and a 23km run since I entered (which was about 10 days ago). I’m pretty happy that I’m running long enough to eat the occasional PB Gu again! I don’t eat for all long runs – I think it’s important to know how to run on empty, but sometimes I get hungry! I’m not sure yet what my strategy will be for the race. I guess I’ll take something with me, and decide if I need it?

The main reasons I chose Melbourne were the timing (there’s just enough time for me to increase my long runs from my base fitness), and that Melbourne in October is cooler than Brisbane in October. I also have family (including an 88 year old grandma) to visit, AND it’s a fairly flat course.

I’m a little bit concerned about going out too hard during the race. At this stage I think I’ll aim for sub 100 min, but I’ll revise this when I get closer to the race. As well as long runs, I need to do some pace-specific tempo runs! So at the moment, I’m awesome at easy runs and interval/speed work, but sucky at long runs and tempos. They are a few fairly big holes in my program… Let’s see if I can be more consistent in the 6 weeks leading up to this thing!


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