Jetty 2 Jetty 2012, or THAT TIME I WON A RACE!

Jetty 2 Jetty is one of my favourite events each year. It's 2 weeks after Gold Coast which means I'm usually pretty fit, and I've gotten PBs in various distances previously. It's a great event – always really well organized, and usually the weather's great too!

This year I decided to race the 3km. I drove up with a friend who was running the 5km, and we decided to jog the first section of the course to warm up. We arrived at the race start after the half had already started, and not long before the start of the 10km. One thing I love about being in a squad is the support at races, there's always someone to talk to at the start and to cheer for! We watched the start and the end of the 10km (and the half marathon winners) before our races.

The start of the 10km

I started to get a bit nervous talking to the 10km finishers. Everyone thought the conditions were tough out there, and most people were missing their goal times.

As I headed to the start line, Clare (who won the 10km) wished me luck and predicted I'd be in the top 3. I wasn't so sure – there a lot of speedy kids out there that can run a lot faster than me!

When the race started, it was mayhem. I had to be really careful to not trip, but I also made an effort to keep my pace steady and not duck and weave. I was aiming to run under 12:30 for the 3km, which I thought was reasonable based on my recent 10km race, and a 5km parkrun the weekend before.

The field thinned out pretty quickly, and by halfway I had overtaken a few girls. I was trying to keep track of who else was in my race, but at the turnaround we hit the middle of the 5km pack. I thought I only saw one other female 3km runner ahead of me, but I wasn't sure!

There's a hill at 1km to go, but once you get over the top there is a nice gradual downhill to the finish. My pace dropped off during the climb, but I managed to maintain the gap to the current leader of the race. In the final 300m I accelerated and finally passed her. It was satisfying to run a good race in terms of execution, and I was happy with my time (I think it was 12:24?).

I finally found out that I won when they presented me with my trophy! And made me say a few words…


I had to say a few words...
It was a great day, and lived up to its reputation as one of my favourite races!
See you next year, J2J.

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