Exercise and jet lag: my first DNF

I'm pretty talented when it comes to sleeping – if they gave out degrees in sleeping I'd have a phd! This means that I've been lucky with jet lag in the past – if I can make it through the first day my sleeping patterns return to normal almost straight away.

We arrived home early Friday morning, and I'd gotten a couple of hours sleep on the plane so I was able to stay awake until a reasonable time on Friday night. I didn't have any trouble with sleeping patterns, but my body obviously struggled in other ways!

I felt fine on Saturday, so went to Bikram. For the first time ever I needed to sit out of a lot of poses – I think I lasted until the eagle pose and then had to sit down until the seated poses started. Every time I tried to stand up I was blacking out (not good!), so it wasn't worth pushing through.

When we were moving from standing to seated poses the instructor talked about not just giving up when things get tough, which I felt was aimed at me. I probably should have talked to him prior to the class and told him that I'd just gotten back from holidays!

On Sunday I then decided to race a 10km. I knew I'd be unfit, but the best way to get back racing fitness is to race! It was also the Qld 10km road champs, so I wanted to take part and support Queensland Athletics.

The first km of the race was fine – 4:15/km pace, which is slightly slower than I normally start a race. The next km was about 4:30, and it all went downhill from there.

It didn't feel like I'd gone out too hard, it just felt like my legs had no energy whatsoever, and that I just couldn't be bothered running!! I would have been happy to curl up and go to sleep on the spot.

At about 3km. Don't I look happy?!


The race consisted of 2 laps around a 5km course. This made my decision easy – I pulled out at the end of the first lap. My time for the 5km was about 24 minutes, so while I failed at racing at least I got a short tempo run in!

I'm happy with my decision to drop out. I was obviously quite dehydrated and tired, and I think it would've taken me a lot longer to get back to normal if I'd kept pushing through, whereas I was able to go to my first speed session 2 days later.

The rest of my first week back consisted of a couple easy runs, a Mona fartlek session (at an easier pace than normal) and a longer run. I took my time to enjoy running, and to get back into a routine without having any time or distance pressure. Running for fun is, well, fun!



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