Denver, LAX, and my favourite fast food

Tuesday morning was a massive struggle. We were headed back to Denver – only one hour to the north, but so very very far away.

When we finally arrived in Denver we were headed to the baseball. Neither of us watch baseball, but it seemed like a fun thing to do! Plus I managed to get ridiculously cheap tickets.

This is why they were cheap – we were up so high!

I had a long list of things that I wanted to eat/drink while we were there: hot dogs, pretzels, lemonade, beer… but the thought of the food was better than the food itself. I wasn’t drinking beer (for obvious fuzzy-headed reasons), so maybe that was the vital ingredient?

I really enjoyed the game. J likes cricket much better than baseball, so he found it quite boring. Again, the vital ingredient (beer) was missing! We stayed for 6 innings and then went home. The score didn’t change in the final 6 innings so I’m glad we didn’t hang around!

The next morning we needed to repack our bags, and become more streamlined for flying. It was great having the same car for 2 weeks, but it’s amazing how much everything seems to expand in that time! I also needed to leave room in my carry on, because we were finally going shopping!

I was very restrained – I only bought a couple things at Lululemon, and a new Pandora leather bracelet + charm to remember the trip. I had to remind J that he was getting off very lightly compared to previous trips!

(top double strand bracelet = Hawaii, bottom bracelet = Colorado. A teddy bear’s not exactly a grizzly, but close enough!)

Our flight to LAX was in the afternoon. There was one thing that we were excited about in LA – In-N-Out Burger! I’m fairly certain we spent a large portion of the entire trip figuring out how to get from the LAX to the nearest In-N-Out, and what we were going to order. A lot of people suggest taking a parking lot shuttle there, but we ended up walking. It took about 15 minutes, and was really easy to find.

J ordered an animal style double-double with regular fries, and I ordered a double-double with animal style fries.

Delicious. I’m not sure what makes In-N-Out so good? I think there’s the novelty factor of the simple menu (and the not-so-secret menu), but the burgers are also fresh and tasty. The fries are pretty gross, but put plastic cheese, thousand island dressing and bacon on anything and it’ll taste good!

After dinner, and watching the planes fly in, we had a long wait back at LAX. And an even longer flight home.

And now – we’re home! While I love America, absence certainly makes the heart grow stronger. Brisbane’s a pretty awesome city, and we’re lucky to live so close to most of our family, and friends 🙂

I think mum was worried that we were going to move to Colorado. Don’t worry mum, we’re staying in Brisbane – for now!


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