Not so classy Colorado Springs (blame it on the altitude)

Monday was our last day in Colorado Springs, so we packed a lot of sightseeing in, including finally visiting Garden of the Gods. The best way to describe the Garden is that it looks like someone took a chunk out of Utah, and put it in the Rocky Mountains.


(Pikes Peak in the background)

After looking around the gardens we went to the Manitou Cliff Dwellings. It’s amazing that the houses still exist, and that there’s a lasting record of how the Anasazi people lived. It’s a small attraction, but quite interesting.

We finally worked out where the springs in Manitou Springs are – they’re like free flowing drinking fountains in the main street! There’s even a spring at the start line of the Garden of the Gods fun run. We found a map of the springs in a gift shop and did a water tour – like a wine tour but without the hangover or the delicious wine. They were actually pretty tasty – like strong mineral water. I was feeling pretty crappy until we started drinking them, but they fixed me! It’s a miracle! Surely there’s something magical in the water?!

In the afternoon I ventured out by myself and went to the Colorado Springs Olympic Centre. It was an interesting, free way to spend my afternoon.

Monday night; wow, I really don’t know where to begin! We started with some cocktails at The Rabbit Hole, moved on to a different bar, and ended up hanging out with some locals. The rest of the night is a haze.

I’m blaming the altitude 😉


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