Getting classy in Colorado Springs

We hit the jackpot with our hotel in Colorado Springs.

The Mining Exchange is a new hotel in an old building, and didn’t have many reviews on TripAdvisor (my bible when it comes to choosing hotels). The reviews that had been posted absolutely raved about the place, and we managed to get a great rate. Even better: when we arrived they upgraded us to an executive suite! It was crazy nice.

By the end of 3 weeks we were starting to get tired of living in hotel rooms, so a little bit of luxury was exactly what we needed!

We’d had a mid-morning mocha frappacino in Leadville, so neither of us really felt like lunch. In the early afternoon J had one word for me: wings! I have a mild obsession with buffalo wings. The combination of spicy wings, and blue cheese dipping sauce is delicious. Unfortunately our wing-hunt failed, so we ended up at a dive bar ordering cheeseburgers, hot dogs and chips off their happy hour menu. We were thwarted (yet again) by seeing chips and thinking fries. A burger with crisps? That’s just strange.

We then decided to try and pick up my race kit for tomorrow’s race. I stumbled upon the race randomly when we were looking up things to do, and managed to enter just a few days prior. As per usual, I had a vague idea where I needed to go to collect my kit, but didn’t know the actual address. J likes to know exactly where we’re going, so my approach usually causes some friction. I also hadn’t actually communicated what we were looking for, which led to a few bum steers! It’s also a challenge being overseas and not being able to rely on an iPhone for everything… Needless to say we didn’t end up where we needed to go and it was another failed mission for the afternoon. It was a good opportunity to look around downtown Colorado Springs, so it was still a nice day.

In the morning we drove to Garden of the Gods for the fun run. It was a great race (report to follow), and afterwards we thought we’d have a look around the park. Everyone else apparently had the same idea, so we decided to come back the following day.

The main reason I wanted to visit Colorado Springs was to see Pikes Peak. You can get to summit via road, train, or hiking. I had suggested that we catch the train but at the spur of the moment we decided to drive up instead. We had a couple false starts: at the entry gate they said that it was recommended to have at least half a tank of petrol before heading up, so we decided to find a petrol station first. While J was filling up I needed to get something from the boot trunk, but we couldn’t find the keys! The car had a push-button start, so the keys don’t live in the ignition. The car started, so we figured the keys would be somewhere – I think the ended up being under a seat? It was a bit stressful until we found them!

We finally got to the top of the mountain. Luckily I had a jacket in the car, otherwise I’d have been up there in just my running clothes!

It was cold up there, but not unbearable. We were at the summit at the same time as a train –  we were more concerned about suffocating in the gift shop than we were about the altitude – it was packed in there! The view from the top was pretty cool, but it didn’t lend itself to any good photos 😦

When we got back to Colorado Springs I finally got some frozen yoghurt. Of course I got a cup that was nearly as big as my head – so that I could fit all the different flavours and toppings in!

I don’t know why I look so pink? I’m sure I wasn’t sunburnt!

Up next: back to Garden of the Gods



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