Back to Colorado

We had 4 nights to get back to Denver, and at least 350 more miles to drive. We were a bit sick of driving by this stage (well, I was a bit sick of navigating – I didn’t do any actual driving) so we decided to stay in Glenwood Springs for a night and then head to Colorado Springs and stay put for 3 nights. From Colorado Springs it’s an easy 1 hour drive to Denver.

On the way to Glenwood Springs we went through Grand Junction. Other travellers at our hotel in Moab  had mentioned the National Monument in GJ, and we thought it would be a good place for a break.

This trip has made me really want to take up rock climbing – you can’t see it in the next photo, but there are people on top of the monument! What an amazing feeling that would be.

In Grand Junction something else momentous happened: I finally managed to have Taco Bell for lunch! Every time I’d suggest it to J he would refuse, and for good reason. After eating it I immediately promised J that I will never, ever ask for it again. Soooo gross…

When we got to Glenwood Springs we went to the pool. The water is heated from a natural spring, and it was nice, but really it was just a big warm swimming pool. For people who grew up going to the pool all the time it probably wasn’t worth the cost of entry ($17 each or something), but it was still a really nice way to spend the afternoon!

The next day we went to Colorado Springs via Leadville. When we were planning this trip, there were a lot of towns that I’d heard of because of various running races. One such race is the Leadville 100, and while I have no plans of running an ultra any time soon they have really managed to capture my imagination! Running that far at sea level is insane, but running it at over 10,000 feet? That’s epically insane! Leadville is a very pretty town, I’d love to spend some more time there one day.

The route that we travelled also gave us the opportunity to see multiple 14’ers in the distance.

Yes, I know! Another mountain pic. I’d like to bag some fourteeners, but they’ve got nothing on the Tetons.

Next up: Colorado Springs, another fun run and an epic hangover


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