Tetons – aka my favourite mountains

When my in-laws drove past the Tetons at this time last year, the mountains we hidden behind rain and clouds. We were just a little bit concerned that we’d have the same experience, especially when our view driving in looked like this:

Luckily the weather gradually improved over the course of the day. It is an incredible mountain range, they rise dramatically from the valley floor, and their silhouette against the sky is harsh and beautiful.


Later in the afternoon:

After we checked in to our hotel I managed to convince J to go to Bubba’s BBQ for dinner, because it had been recommended to us by a Lander local. I normally wouldn’t suggest going somewhere that primarily serves meat, but if there is a novelty factor I will likely be interested!

The food was ok, better than our last experience of American BBQ in Kanab last year. We probably could have shared a meal, and still had food left over! After dinner we went out for a couple drinks, and ended up at the tackiest place in the world! The entire place is covered in kitschy cowboy paraphernalia – they even go as far as having saddles to sit on at the bar instead of stools.

We headed to Yellowstone the following day. I’ll write about it separately otherwise this post is going to be epic!

Monday was our final day in Jackson, and we decided to spend it back at the Tetons again. We didnt really do any hiking in the Tetons, because of signs like this:

I wanted to take a photo at every single nice viewing spot, but my camera had different ideas – it ran out of battery! J’s got a better camera than me, but we usually end up with slightly different photos so I normally like seeing both. I managed to snap a few pics before it died completely – and I actually had to think about what I was taking, rather than taking a million photos to choose between later!

We ate late lunch at a hippy cafe back in Jackson. It’s hard to eat enough veggies when you’re on holidays, and I start craving them pretty quickly! A huge bowl of salad and a gigantic smoothie was exactly what I needed. J paid me out he whole time we were there, because he knew I’d be in love with the place!

When we were at the cafe I noticed a place next door called The Kitchen. It looked really cool, so after checking reviews on Tripadvisor and Yelp we decided to try it out. It was the best meal of the entire trip! They were offering tasting plates for May/June for $11 each, and they suggested 3-4 plates between the 2 of us. The menu varies from raw fish to slow cooked red meat, with really good quality ingredients. We started with a zucchini and seaweed raw salad, followed by pan seared tuna and then red deer. After 3 plates we could have stopped eating, but the food was so good we couldn’t help but try something else! We finished off with grilled calamari. My only regret was not leaving room for dessert…

Next up: Yellowstone!

We’re now back from our trip – I’ll catch up on the rest of the trip ASAP!


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