The People’s Republic of Boulder

Someone described Boulder to us as being a town full of half college kids, and half hippies that arrived in the 1960s and never left. If you throw some endurance athletes into the mix, they’d be right.

Driving into Boulder was very exciting – seeing the Rocky Mountains for the first time. The scenery here is completely different to what we get back in Australia!


When we arrived in Boulder we headed downtown so that I could pick up my race kit. We’re lucky we arrived when we did – an hour later and it would’ve been impossible to find a park. Memorial Day weekend is a huge deal here – not only was Bolder Boulder happening, but there was the massive Boulder Creek Festival as well. We stumbled upon the festival by accident, it was pretty hard to miss! Apparently there were more than 500 stalls. It was super crowded, but fairly easy to get around. I was quite reserved (for me) – I only bought a Roo Pouch, and some lemonade! Normally I go nuts at these things…

Dinner Sunday night was Mexican at the Tahoma Tequila Bistro – beer, margaritas, chips, tacos and quesadillas! It was all quite delicious, I think Mexican is one of my fav cuisines.

On Monday (Memorial Day) I got up super early to run, which I talked about in my last post.

After the run, I met J back at the hotel. The race finished at Folsom Field, at the University of Colorado campus, so we decided to go back and check out the rest of the campus.

We then went back to the festival to grab lunch, and I managed to convince J to buy a funnel cake (which is like a donut that’s crispy) – I’m glad we shared it because it was pretty yuck!

We spent the rest of the afternoon in the hot tub, and then went to a brew pub for dinner. So many beers to choose from, and most tasters were $1. I love tasters, because I’m so bad at choosing, but this way I don’t need to!

We hadn’t really spent much time actually looking around Boulder, so Tuesday was a pretty hectic day – I’ll start a new post, so this one doesn’t end up too epic šŸ™‚



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