Plantation Tours

We decided to get out of New Orleans on Saturday. We went on a plantation tour to the Laura Plantation and Oak Alley. Laura was by far the best of the 2 – we had the current owner as a tour guide, and he was really passionate about the stories of the plantation. There’s a very proud Creole culture down this way, and they openly talk about the ‘Yankees’ coming down and ruining it all! I wonder what the Americans on the tour think about it?

It was really interesting to hear some stories about the slaves as well – they actually got paid for their work during the sugar harvest, and if they were smart they would save up their money and eventually buy their freedom.

The highlight of Oak Alley was the outside of the house, and the mint julep! We could have passed on the house tour, it was the end of the day and hot, and just seemed pointless! The oak trees at the front are amazing – apparently they’re 300 years old.

I was sad to leave New Orleans, it’s a fascinating city. I feel like we only scratched the surface of what’s on offer, so I’d love to go back sometime!



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