Bolder Boulder 10km

We arrived in Boulder mid-morning on Sunday. My first priority was going to the race expo to collect my number, and to have a look around. It was a breeze collecting my number – there was no line! The expo was ok, but not as amazing as I expected. That’s probably a good thing, because I wasn’t tempted to buy anything…

The night before the race I became concerned that I was going to freeze my butt off at the start line! I didn’t think to bring any throw away clothes, and the forecast was for 7 degrees at 7am! I woke up at 3, nice and cozy in my hotel room, and didn’t really go back to sleep because I was stressed about the cold. Luckily, when I got up just before 6 it was actually 12 degrees already. Arm sleeves and a thick headband were enough to keep me warm before the start.

We were staying about 2.5km from the race start. I left the hotel about an hour before race start and ran a nice easy paced warm up. Having wave starts with specific times meant it was super easy to get up to wave B, and there was heaps of space to stretch!

The atmosphere when it was time to start was great – people were cheering, there was a trumpeter, and it all went smoothly. As per usual, I went out a bit too hard.

They describe the course as hilly, but I didn’t notice the hills much. My brain was too busy trying to make sure I had enough oxygen! I didn’t suffer too badly with the altitude, but I didn’t run anywhere near my normal race pace. It was a fun race – all the bands, and the random ‘aid’ stations were great. The whole town seemed to be out, and People were handing out marshmallows, Doritoes, and beer at random points. I didn’t grab anything, but the signs made me smile.

The only hill that really made me suffer was right at the end, coming up into Folsom Field. Knowing that the end was in sight did not make it easier!

Once I finished, I was pretty excited about the snack bag. The only thing I want after a race is fruit and water (which is what Australian races provide), but I was excited about saving some goodies for later! They even gave us a beer… Not good beer but that’s not the point!


They say that there’s 3 and a half hours between the when the first finisher and the last finisher come through. Having the waves spread out means that nothing gets super congested. It was nothing like running the Bridge to Brisbane!

Even with my slowest 10km time in a long while (it was 48:20 I think), I’m really glad I ran this race. Sometimes racing’s not about the time, it’s about the experience!


Although, if running’s easier once I get back to sea level I won’t complain…


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