The Big Easy: New Orleans

We arrived in the US on Wednesday. The day change always trips me out – we left Brisbane at 11am on Wednesday, and arrived in LA at 7am the same day! The flight was quite uneventful, the biggest excitement was watching the extra long sunset/twilight!



When we finally arrived in New Orleans (more than 24 hours after we left home) we were buggered. We went for a walk to find dinner, and to figure out where things were. We were staying just outside the French Quarter, but it was easy enough to find: we just had to follow the jazz!

Apparently the corner of Canal and Bourbon is an acoustic ‘sweet spot’, and you could hear the music from miles away!

The next day we woke up early (4am early!) and ate an early breakfast at the hotel. Walking around the French Quarter at 7 was actually a good idea – it was very quiet! We even managed to eat some beignets from Cafe Du Monde without a gigantic wait. I’m glad we ate them when we did – they tasted a bit like deep fried fish and chip shop batter that’s been dunked in sugar! Tasty, but not all that exciting. Not worth the massive lines that we saw later on.

The Quarter finally started to wake up after about 10am. I didn’t take many photos, but it’s quite a pretty place.


We also went on a cemetery/voodoo tour. The cemeteries in New Orleans are really cool – people aren’t buried, they’re entombed. I didn’t take any photos, but they were fascinating! The tour concluded with a visit to Priestess Miriam – which was quite possibly the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen! Not weird in an interesting sense, but weird in that she didn’t quite seem all there. To start with she asked each person in the group where we were from, and she had some sort of wacky-doo answer each time. Madrid was somehow a mama with dreads, and Australia provides a solid base so the rest of the world can shake its’ hips?!?!

We then went into her temple, but she didn’t actually tell us anything about the objects in there. She just stood there, asking for questions and then going off on weird tangents that were completely unrelated to anything. We got out of there as soon as we could (which was not quick enough for J!)


Dinner was at GW Fins. It was nice – just fairly simple seafood. We followed it up with cocktails at The Bombay Club – an old school bar off in a side street. I’m always happy if a night involves cocktails, especially in a nice bar.


Friday was a bit of a nothing day, with eating being my main highlights. Lunch: Italian muffuletta at Napoleon House. Dinner: beer and wings at Crescent City Brew House. The Red Stallion, Black Forest and the seasonal brew were tasty!

The final day was spent on a plantation tour but the photos aren’t loading so I’ll save that for another post.



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