Noosa Winter Festival

This weekend was the Noosa Winter Festival, which includes running, swimming and cycling events.

This year was my first time at the event, and I ran the 10km. A lot of people stay at Noosa for the weekend – it’s a nice spot, and it’s about 2 hours away from Brisbane. I decided to drive up on the morning of the race, which I was regretting when I had to leave home at 5am!

By the time I got there, parking was a bit of an issue. I found a park in a side street, about 15 minutes from the start (by the time I arrived the half had already started)

Race number pick up was a piece of cake. They had multiple tables (alphabetical), and I was looked after as soon as I got there (which was about 90 minutes before race start)

My squad had a tent set up near the start/finish. The half was run on a 2 lap course, which is great for spectating! The only problem with the 2 laps is that the leaders caught up to the back of packers, which made their finish slightly less spectacular.

The course is fast, and flat. The only inclines are 2 tiny bridges that go over the waterway! We also had a great morning with the weather – sunny, cool, and no wind.

My own race:
I ate breakfast at home before the drive. I’ve been REALLY hungry lately, and sure enough I was absolutely starving just before my race! A girl from my squad (who wasn’t racing) gave me an apple, so after my warm up I scoffed down a couple bites before heading the the start. It seemed to work well – I found my mouth didn’t get dry during the race, and I wasn’t distracted by hunger pangs!

I haven’t raced a 10km since July last year, so I really didn’t know what to aim for. I started out at a steady pace, and went through the first km in 4:15. After about 2km a girl that I’ve raced against a couple times recently passed me and said hi. She beat me by about 10 sec at the track 5000m champs, so I know we’re closely paced. My second km was 4:30, then the third was back to 4:15. I really need to be more consistent! I passed her between again 3-4km, and didn’t see her until the end of the race (I think she was very close through the race though!)

There was another lady just ahead of me, so after one ‘kill’ I decided to hunt her down. I almost passed her a couple times, but each time she was speeding up dramatically as soon as she saw me! I persisted, and eventually passed her without too much effort.

I reached the turnaround in 21:50. At the time I thought I was holding a decent pace, but spoiler alert – I slowed down a fair bit in the second half…

I’m not sure what happened, because I didn’t go out too hard? I think I got distracted! How is it that I can do two and a half hour long runs, but I can’t maintain focus for less than 45 minutes?

My pace averaged 4:21 for the first 5km, and 4:34 for the final 5. That’s a pretty big fail in my books.

Quite a few people from my squad raced, and it was great being on an out and back course being able to cheer everyone on. A few people had cracker races (my friend won the half, another was 3rd male, we had a 4th placed male in the 5km, and there were plenty of PBs). Being in a squad means that going to a race isn’t just about your own time, so a bad race doesn’t turn into a bad experience overall!

Next race is the Bolder Boulder. I’m glad to get a longer race in beforehand, for race-specific fitness. Now to figure out how to survive the altitude!



3 thoughts on “Noosa Winter Festival

  1. Oooh. I need to work on my 10k pace. I never really think of breaking it up into the kilometers.It’s a good middle distance for me, but I am always super proud if I can break 45! The altitude’s not that bad.Haha. I guess I never noticed it when I moved here, but I’m not a great athlete or anything. Lol.

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