Hello world, I have a blog

When I started this blog, I had no interest in telling people that I know in real life about it. I only know one other person who blogs (go read it, it’s about running and cupcakes and family and puppies!) so I thought people might not get why I’m doing it, or have any interest in it. I also tend to keep my online life separate to my real life. I’ll give a prize to anyone who has previously worked out my username on a certain running forum!

I still don’t know what I want this blog to be, I guess it’s just a record of my running, and the occasional random photo…

Anyway, I decided to start using my twitter account more frequently, and in doing so linked it to my Facebook. I completely forgot that my blog posts update automatically to Twitter!

I finished my last post and went out to do a couple things, and while I was out I realised that I had inadvertently put a link to my blog on FB. When I got back, I suddenly had more views in a day than I had before…

And now I know that my husband has known about the blog for ages – which totally doesn’t surprise me. J knows me better than anyone else, but I think the biggest clue was that WordPress is now one of our top sites in Safari! So that’s how he knew about me doing double runs…

So, this is me saying hello real world and welcome to my blog.


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