I’m a spendaholic

I’ve got a problem. I spend ridiculous amounts of money of running clothes/shoes/accessories. I’ve been fairly good with shoes lately (I’ve only bought these and these in the past few months), but I’ve still got more pairs than necessary.

Clothes are my big downfall. I’m not exactly shaped like a runner (I’m a bit pear shaped), so even though I’m happy with my size I struggle to find running clothes that are flattering.

I don’t need this many shirts, or shorts:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Those photos were from February, so I’ve added to the collection since then. I’ve now done a cull. I now have 15 shirts and 15 shorts in my drawers, and I’m challenging myself to ONLY wear what I’ve got available. I’m not buying anything new until we go to the US (which is 3 weeks, so it’s very achievable) and then I’ll develop a new goal once we get back.

I don’t know if it’s going to make any difference, but now that I’ve got it written down and in the open it should make me more accountable, right? I may also start documenting what I wear each day, to try and work out if there’s a pattern to what clothes I actually wear consistently.

Does anyone have any helpful suggestions for me?


4 thoughts on “I’m a spendaholic

  1. If you are going to the US it would be a good time to get a pair of Five Fingers as US prices are 50% of the UK (and probably AUS). Alas doesn’t help you shrinking the shoe collection (course you could throw out and marshmallow shoes).

    1. I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you that I already have some Five Fingers? I bought Sprints about 3 years ago (not long after I started running), and I think they definitely helped me to improve my form. The trouble is they give me massive blisters on my big toes! Funnily enough that doesn’t happen barefoot, or in Luna Sandals (not that I do either much at the moment) – but it did happen in Nike Frees as well.

      My Five Fingers are now part of my hiking kit.

  2. I’m the opposite I don’t have any running gear! I need to buy everything! Where do you buy your sports clothes? Online or at shops? By the way I love the photo slideshow. Does WordPress do that?

    1. Pretty much entirely online. Mainly for the larger range, prices are definitely cheaper but international shipping can make it more expensive! Plus I take a lot of risks with fit, which means I end up wasting money on things if they don’t fit quite right.

      The slideshow is a WordPress option (if you’re using the full post editor)

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