Sports Super Centre 5km

Sunday 1st April A.M 5km 21:15

I’ve been slack with updating the blog, and I think I’m going to be posting less about normal training runs (I’m now using Daily Mile – click the link in the sidebar).

Sunday was my first time racing at Runaway Bay in the Corporate Challenge but I’d heard good things about the race – it’s not a huge race, but it always attracts a quality field, and it’s a fast course. There were a lot of elite triathletes there – my god those girls are fit! They all look so strong.

I was confident that I would go sub-21, but it just wasn’t my day! The course skirts around the edge of the Runaway Bay Sporting Complex, with the first 3.5km on the road. From there we veered onto a short, steep grassy hill up onto the cycling track. The final km is a nice smooth downhill.

First km we went out at 4min pace. I knew it was slightly too fast, but I wasn’t overly concerned. Second km: 4:15. Again, I wasn’t concerned, I thought I could maintain that pace until the end. Early on I’d noticed a couple girls who were around my pace, so I tucked in behind them. Km 3 is where it all fell apart! I suspect there was a very subtle incline, and our pace dropped back to 4:30. I knew from there my goal was almost unreachable. The final 2km were around 4:15 again. I normally really push it towards the line, but I was pretty pissed off with myself so I didn’t have my normal sprinting power!

(I’ve never noticed that I poke my tongue out when I run!)

What went wrong?

I ended up doing 6km cool down, so I had plenty of time to assess the race. I think the biggest problem was my lack of mental toughness – after the difficult 3rd km I half gave up.

I also didn’t eat a proper dinner the night before, and I might have still been getting over my cold.

At the end of the day, it’s all good racing experience! I should have passed the other girls in that middle km, and not assumed we were maintaining a consistent pace. I need to push past the mental barrier of racing – I race often, but I don’t race every race.

No excuses – now to decide on my next 5km race!


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