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Friday A. M Speed session 12km total

Friday’s speed session wasn’t in the same league as Tuesday’s. I wasn’t expecting it to be, and I didn’t want to tire my legs out too much. It’s amazing how different it felt in terms of exertion!

1600m 6:58
1200m 5:08
800m 3:26
400m 1:43
200m 0:45
1000m 4:17

The ladder was run with 200m recoveries. When we finished the 200m rep we then had a longer recovery, before deciding to run a 1km effort back to our starting point.

I felt like I ran the session at what I call an easy-fast pace. This is the pace I can maintain without really thinking about it, or what I run when I’m tired but trying to run hard (like if I’ve gone out too hard in a race and I’m just trying to hold on for the last km). My easy-fast used to be 4:30, so it has improved!

Today is a rest day, then a 3km race tomorrow! I’m feeling confident, so hopefully I’ll have a good report on Monday.


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