Best ever training session

Tuesday P.M Speed session (8km total)

Wednesday P.M 13km

As I’d planned, I’m taking this week pretty easy. It’s a good chance to let my ITB settle down and to put in some quality!

I normally do my speed session on a tuesday morning, and I run there from home to add on extra kms. The session usually gets about 50 people so it can be hectic, and I don’t always thrive. This week I decided to go to the afternoon group (which is part of the same squad) because it fit in better with work. This session is a stark contrast to the morning session – there were only 6 of us this week!

There are 2 other runners in the group are usually slightly faster than me, so it’s also a good session to use to gauge my fitness.

We ran the first km in 4 minutes flat. It felt good, and controlled – but I was worried I’d gone out too hard. We were going on a 2 minute recovery, but if we slowed down we got less recovery (so the 3 of us were running on 6 minute cycles). My first 5 reps were all 4 minutes, and then the 6th (and final) rep I managed to knock it down to 3:50! I was really shocked – I normally run these sessions at about 4:15 pace. I definitely race faster than I train, so now I’m excited about my race on sunday. Surely if I can maintain 4 minute pace for 6km with short breaks I’ll be able to run sub 12 minutes for 3km?

Wednesday was just a hilly regular run. I normally do a longer run at an easy pace but it was nice to push myself up the hills!


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