5km PB (almost)

Saturday A.M Parkrun 5km 21:03 (equal to my PB), 10km total

Sunday A.M 11km easy

Sunday P.M 1500m race, 4x200m relay

When I arrived at parkrun on saturday, I felt fairly sore. My glute (that was lacking power yesterday) decided to become sore today. I did an easy warmup, and then some strides. I also did a few drills (high knees, kicking my bum, swinging my legs) and then chatted to some people until we started.

I spent the run aiming to stay relaxed, and I know the course well enough by now to have a bit of an idea of what times I run for different splits. My times until the turnaround (which is at about 3-3.5km) were consistent with what I’ve been running, but it felt easy, and relaxed!

I managed to maintain my pace, and have a strong finish. When I crossed the line I was shocked by the time, I was expecting to run between 21 and 22 minutes but not close to 21 flat!


My leg felt ok at the end but I wasn’t in the mood for a long run on sunday. An easy 11km was perfect.

Sunday afternoon was spent at the Gaelic Sports day (with hurling, gaelic football, and races). It was on a grass field which was fairly uneven, and I just ran for fun. I managed to bring home some trophies 🙂

Overall I’m very happy with how my running is going, so I really hope that the races I’m doing over the next few weeks will show that my hard work is paying off!


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