Tiptoeing the injury line

Tuesday A.M Speed session (14km total)

Tuesday P.M 7km easy

Wednesday A.M 14km

Friday A.M Speed session (15km total)

I’ve been running a lot of km’s lately. Up until this week I’ve been pushing my limits with mileage, but I’m always cautious to back off if I feel any niggles.

For me, my injury tipping point is my ITB – I’ve never had to stop running all together from it, but it’s the first thing that will start grumbling at me if I’m going too far. It started to play up on sunday (dancing, not running!) so I’ve been getting on the foam roller since.

I had 2 rest days in a row, then hit it hard again! Tuesday’s speed session was great, We did 1000m and 500m with 500m recovery and I felt like I was taking it fairly easy but hitting consistent times. The 1km reps were 4:14, 4:11 and 4:12; the 500m were 2:06, 2:01, 2:05. It felt like it was a shorter session, because we had longer recoveries – but I made the quick parts count.

The easy run on tuesday afternoon was probably unnecessary! But you know, having a day off work, I didn’t have anything better to do…

Wednesday my leg was feeling tight so I took it pretty easy, but after the run I was regretting going out at all! My leg wasn’t super sore, but I was aware of it all day.

After having a rest day yesterday, today’s speed session was fine. My ITB has gone back to normal! The only difference was that I felt like I had no power in my glutes, which is probably related. We did 400m, 800m, 1200m (2 sets), then 4 x 400m. Everyone else did 3 sets of the first part, but I’m the slowest of the group (there’s usually about 5-6 of us) so I usually modify my session a bit so that I finish at close to the same time. The 400s were all around 1:40, 800s 3:21 and 3:37 and the 1200s 5:03 and 5:12. I lost energy pretty quickly in the sets, but overall I think the times were ok.

I’m going to have an easier weekend – I’ll do parkrun tomorrow but only do about 10km total instead of my usual 17. I’m undecided if I should do my long run on sunday – it’s my last chance for a proper long run for about 3 weeks, but it’s the long runs that are more likely to make my ITB sore. I guess I’ll see how it feels after tomorrow.


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