Am I a middle distance runner? I’m not sure

Thursday rest

Friday A.M 6km easy

Friday P.M 1500m track race and 800m race (total running 8km)

Saturday A.M Parkrun 5km (total 17km including running there and back)

I broke 80km for the first time last week! I really hope that with this much running I will be improving?

Friday night saw my first ever middle distance races. In high school I was a sprinter, and since I’ve taken up running I’ve always focussed on races between 3km and 10km. I’ve had a few people suggest to me that I should try the middle distance races but I’ve been too scared, until now!

It wasn’t really a good week to race them, with all the mileage that I was doing. I ran 5:34 for the 1500, and 2:45 for the 800. The 1500 was fine, and I think my pace was consistent. By the second lap of the 800 (which was the second race of the evening) my legs were dead! It felt like the lactic acid hit them all at once. My first lap was between 1:10 and 1:15, which means my second lap was about 15-25 seconds slower! I think I need to race the 800m by itself to get a better indication of what I can do. It’s just a shame that they like putting them on friday nights, which means J usually gets cranky because I ditch him for running 😦

I also don’t think I’m training like a middle distance runner!

Saturday morning I ran parkrun, and I knew it was going to be tough so it was definitely going to be a tempo run pace, rather than closer to race pace. I also ran there and back from home (about 6km each direction). Sure enough, I ran 23 minutes – my slowest 5km in a while. I’m amazed I got through it, and even more amazed that I still managed to run home! I always take my go card with me if I run to parkrun, in case I need to catch public transport home. This is one time that I was very close to needing it – but I knew I’d break 80km for the week if I pushed on.

The plan this week is to run about 80km again, and then back off slightly for 2 weeks – there are 2 semi-important races coming up, and I’d like to do them on fresh legs!


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