Longest long run, no half measures

Sunday 19th Feb A.M 25km trail run, approximately 3 hours

Week starting 20th Feb: total 75km, including one fartlek and a 3000m track race

Monday P.M 11km, 1 hour

Tuesday A.M Speed session, about 15km total

Wednesday late A.M 8km trails

Wednesday P.M 17km time unknown.

I was away last week, which means sporadic internet access. It also means a change in my running routine – and apparently a loss of blogging abilities! I’m not going to attempt to catch up on all runs in this post (I bet you’re all breathing a sigh of relief) so I’ll just touch on the interesting stuff.

First of all – my longest long run of all time! As I’ve stated before, and will no doubt state again, I like racing the short stuff. I also think my endurance is lagging behind my speed (as it always has).

J was at work, so I decided to go on an outing for my long run. I decided on 3 laps of my favourite trail (it’s a fairly easy trail – not too hilly, and moderately smooth) and to not worry about time. I allowed myself to walk up 2 short, sharp hills each lap, and starting from the second lap I used this as an opportunity to have a Gu Chomp.

I also stopped at the end of the second lap to fill up my drink bottle. Most importantly, I survived! And felt good at the end!

A tree on the Finke River along the Larapinta ...

I took monday as a rest day. The rest of the week was dedicated to more endurance – being away I was unable to go to speed sessions, and I’m not good at doing them by myself. I managed to run doubles on Tues, Wed and Thur running about 15km per day. Wednesday afternoon I did a hilly fartlek, but the rest of the miles were easy.

I ran another 3000m track race on saturday, which was very standard (about 8 seconds slower than a few weeks ago).

Most people in my squad are assuming I’ll be running a half marathon soon, but I’ll say it again – I like short races!!!


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