Mona Fartlek

Tuesday A.M speed session 15km total

We had a ‘no watch’ session today. It’s exactly what it sounds like – everyone had to run to feel and not wear a watch.

I don’t use a GPS watch at all (and a lot of my runs are untimed) but it was still interesting running speed work naked!

The session that we did was 2×90 seconds (90 recovery), 4×60 seconds (60 recovery), 4×30 seconds and 4×15 seconds. It only equates to 20 minutes of running, but the catch is in the recovery. We were told to maintain full effort for the reps, and 80% on the recoveries.

I must say my recoveries were probably slower than they should have been, but I definitely got a good workout in. The session was first recommended by Steve Moneghetti (hence the Mona in the title) – about half the squad went to a training camp with him on the weekend so that’s where the inspiration came from!

I have today off work, so I should go do something productive!


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