California Burritos After a Long Run

After my exciting run last night I got up early this morning and ran 22km. My legs were quite tired at the start but they warmed up quite well so I pushed on.

It was a lovely day for a run, quite warm and sunny. I think any day can be a lovely day! I wonder if I’d say that if I lived somewhere that snowed, and actually had a proper winter?

I actually got a little bit lost 5km in, but managed to work out where I was, and I actually found a nicer route than what I had planned! It actually cut the run slightly short, but I think 22km was plenty.

Last night after the race I ate 3 pizza slices, a glass of Nuun and then went to bed. I was probably slightly dehydrated today and I didn’t eat breakfast before I headed out so I was hungry too!

For the first time ever I took money with me, and decided to buy a can of coke 18km in. Best idea ever! Even if I had fizzy burps for a little while. It definitely gave me a pick up when I needed it!

I got home, rehydrated lots, and then went out for an early lunch. Another brilliant idea? Replacing the rice on a burrito with hot chips! I wouldn’t want it every time I ate a burrito but it was delicious.

It’s actually the second time this weekend that we’ve had burritos. The first time we went to Cactus Republic on friday night, and it was very uninspiring.

It tasted like watery pork and bland rice, with virtually no salad (and no guacomole even though we asked for it)

We decided that we wanted redemption, so today we went to Tuckeria.

It was so much better! The meat was tasty, the salad was fresh, and the chips were delicious.

I think my choices for Mexican in Brisbane have got to be either Tuckeria or Guzman Y Gomez. Good Mexican in Brisbane has only been in existence for about 12 months (maybe 2 years), and now we’re addicted!

What’s your favourite post run meal?


One thought on “California Burritos After a Long Run

  1. Hardly a meal, but after a 20 mile run a packet of salt & vinegar crisps tastes wonderful. I always carry a packet with me now on long runs in case my electrolyte levels start to drop or the ‘cramp fairy’ starts knocking at my door!

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