7.5 laps around the track

Saturday P.M 3000m track, 12:02. Total for evening with warm up/cool down 8km

Sunday A.M 22km long run (time unknown)

I am super happy with my result from last night! It was a 30 second PB, and I ran really strongly.

The track is a funny place. There were 26 people in the race (under 16, under 18 and open combined), which is the biggest field I’ve ever competed with. They started us with a split field – half the group started on the outside and a bit ahead of us, and we joined up after 100m or so.

Everyone went out way too hard, but I just hung out the back (like last time) and tried to run my own race. One of the speedy girls from my squad got a little bit boxed in, so after the first 200m I was not too far behind her which felt really weird! She ended up getting out and overtook most of the field to come 3rd in the Open category.

I don’t look at my watch much on the track, but they call out times whenever you go past the finish line and I usually try to work out each km split. I think I ran the first km in 3:50, the second in 4:18 and the third in 3:53. Hopefully I can work on my focus in the second km and not lapse out!

The track that we were running at is very empty. There’s a grand stand on one side, but it’s raised up so you feel really seperate to the crowd. Most people actually sit on the grassy hill on the opposite side of the track (I think it’s a distance runner thing!)

I overtook 2 girls – one at about halfway, the other with 100m to go. I love having a strong finishing kick – I just wish the speed would translate to a little bit more endurance! It turns out the 2 girls that I beat were 14 and 16, so I still came last in Open.

I had a really fun time, I think the 3km is my favourite distance (even better than 5km). Now to build up some courage to run some 800m/1500m races!

Next up is a road 3km in about a month. I hope to go sub-12!


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