Track 3000m tonight

Saturday A.M (last week) Parkrun 5km 22:09

Tuesday A.M Speed session, 15km total

Wednesday P.M 11km 1 hour

I’ve had a fairly light week this week. I’ve got a track race today, and I’ve been driving a lot for work so I haven’t had much time anyway.

Tuesday’s speed session was 400m and 800m repeats – 400m (100 recovery), 400m (100 recovery), 800m (200 recovery). My goal was to run at a ‘comfortable hard’ pace for the session, so the 400 reps were slower than last week. I felt in control the entire session – we did 4 sets all up.

Wednesday was an easy 11km. It’s funny to think that these days 11km is easy, but in comparison to my normal 16km wednesdays it is!

Tonight will be a good race, I always really look forward to 3000m. It hurts, but it’s over so quickly!


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