New Farm parkrun

A run that I look forward to nearly every week is the free 5km run, parkrun. Its an event that started in the UK (Bushy Park was the first) and is now taking over the world! Ok, so it’s in Australia and about 6 other countries, but it’s expanding rapidly.

The first Brisbane race was about 2 months ago, and it’s grown a lot in that time – there are now around 150-200 runners showing up each week.

Race start

The organisers are doing really well with the increasing numbers (the people that you can see in orange vests are volunteers – without volunteers there would be no event!)

Parkrun is appealing to the runners that want to do a regular tempo run (like me), and the people that only run once or twice per week. There is a points table, which is based on your placing. You can also get points for volunteering, and it rewards the people that show up every week.

When it started I was one of the quickest girls there, but now that it’s more popular a lot of the speedy girls are showing up! The really quick ones run in the same squad as me, so I’m always happy to see them.

Walking to the start and checking out the course

I’ve been running the 5km between 22 and 22:30 each week. My PB is 21:06 so they’re a fair bit slower, but the aim for me is not to race as such but to just have a harder hit-out each week. Hopefully being able to comfortably run each week around 22 minutes will make my goal races seem so much easier!

I’m Moving so fast my foot’s a blur!

I’ve also been using the races as an opportunity to work on my form, and to not slouch as I’m getting tired.

Running towards the finish

Normally by the end of a race my head would be hanging forward, this blurry photo shows that I was really trying to hold me head up!

Overall parkrun is a really fun morning, run in a beautiful location along the river. What more could you want?


(All photos on this page are courtesy of the Brisbane parkrun Facebook page. They have multiple photographers volunteering their time each week – who all do a brilliant job!)


One thought on “New Farm parkrun

  1. Parkrun is amazing!

    21:06 PB eh, well mine is 21:46 and has been for far too long so I guess you have just set me a challenge. Mind you, mine was on the Bushy parkrun course which is pretty flat but you do have to look out for deer!

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