The Week (So Far) in Review

Sunday A.M 22km in 2 hours

Monday P.M Walked for an hour

Tuesday A.M Speed session, 14km total

Wednesday A.M 16km, 1 hour 40 min. Swim at the coast in the afternoon.

Thursday Rest (some ab work)

Friday A.M Speed session, 14km total

I’ve had a good week, but I’ve had no chance to blog. I haven’t really been motivated to write anything down!

Sunday was my long run day. I pre-planned my route, and didn’t wear a watch (I never do for long runs if they’re a LSD type run). The weather was pretty insane, it wasn’t just raining the entire run it was absolutely pissing down! I spent the first half hour avoiding puddles, but eventually I gave in and was practically jumping in them.

I don’t normally use gels (I don’t think I run far enough most weeks) but sometimes I use them as a bit of a mid-run treat. Sunday I used a BSC chocolate energy gel, and it was quite nice!

I don’t know if it gave me any extra energy, but I finished the run soaked through and smiling 🙂

Monday was a partial rest day. I finished work early, and needed to pick a couple things up so I decided to walk instead of drive. I normally do a bit of walking, but normally I keep the pace fairly slow. Monday I decided to push the pace a bit more, and I’m amazed how hard it was! Walking uses different muscles to running, muscles that I have obviously been neglecting. I also wore my Volleys, which unfortunately gave me some blisters on the backs of my heels.

This pair is still pretty new (I know they don’t look it!), and the heel hasn’t softened enough for me yet. With my last pair the rubber in the heel (as in the fabric part, not the sole) broke down and I eventually cut a hole in the lining and pulled it all out.

The rubber is starting to break up, so I’ll be able to get it out soon and make them more comfy!

Tuesday is when we have big group speed sessions. It can be intimidating, especially if I haven’t been in a while because it seems like there are always new people! We ran 1500m reps with 500m recovery, and I struggled a little bit again. Mentally it was difficult, mainly because we’d done long reps on friday and I’d had such a bad time with them I thought it would be a repeat again. The 3 reps were completed in 6:34, 6:40, 6:49. I’m still suffering a blow-out as the session progresses, but I don’t feel like I’m going too hard in the first rep! Maybe I’m getting bored/distracted?

The average pace for the reps was slower than my pace for the 5km on saturday, which is why I think it’s mental and not physical.

We finished the set off with one 500m rep, which I ran in 1:54. I love running short and fast!! When I got back to the start a couple of us decided to do one more, but the someone had already brought in the 500m cone so we just ran 1 min hard.

Wednesday was a mid-long run day. I had the day off, so set out a little bit later than usual and completed a loop around Southbank/West End, which is always pretty!

Artifical beach at Southbank, in central Brisbane.

It didn’t look quite like the photo, but it didn’t rain so I was happy. My legs were very tired so the pace was slow, but I pushed through it because I knew I was having a rest day on thursday. I think I’ve worked out that my training works the best when I’m well rested for speed work, but tired for long runs. If I’m too fresh when I start a long run I’ll go out too hard but if my legs are heavy I’ll build into it as the run progresses. I also thing I get best value from speed work if I can attempt to push the pace.

Thursday (rest day) was definitely needed. I did 100 crunches/sit ups/toe touches, bicycle crunches and that was it. I don’t have a plan, I normally start with 20 crunches and then start mixing it up in sets of 10 or 20. It’s only a recent addition to my fitness so I haven’t seen any improvements yet!

And then we come to friday (today)! Another speed session. This one was small (only 4 of us), and we ran 400m reps with 200m recovery. I’m fairly certain this is my favourite session of all! We talked about using the athletics track, but decided to use our trusty dirt path by the river instead. The path is great, because it’s easy on the legs, and it has markings every 50m for about 2.5km so you can do any length rep you want!

The 12 reps were all between 1:35 and 1:43, with a slight slow down in the middle before picking up the pace for the last few. This sort of workout gives me confidence, because my times were consistent and around where I think I should be! I also don’t feel like I flogged myself – I don’t think every training session requires you to destroy yourself…

I’ll run another parkrun tomorrow, and maybe (hopefully) a long run on saturday.


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