Rainy Tuesday Speed Session Loops

Tuesday A.M. Speed session, 18km total

We’ve got some miserable weather going on in Brisbane at the moment. When I was growing up, summer meant really muggy days with an afternoon storm at about 3pm (right when school finished), that would last for half an hour and then clear up.

The last 2 summers we’ve been experiencing days with constant rain, which led to last summer’s floods.

Brisbane City Floods
Image via Wikipedia

It’s not been as bad this year, and floods like last year only occur once every 40 years so hopefully we’ll be safe for a while!

The rain during the night was so heavy at time that our gutters were overflowing, which didn’t allow for a great night’s sleep.

My phone went off at 4am, and I expected the message to say that running was cancelled. No such luck – it was just the coach letting us know it’s still on! I then got a message 15 minutes later saying to meet in a different spot, because the dirt path by the river would be too muddy. My alarm went off 30 minutes later and I was ready to go (much to J’s disgust – according to him early rainy mornings are for spooning, not for running!)

The session involved 2 short loops with a jog recovery between them. The first loop is about 460m, the second loop is 300m and the recovery is 140m. The catch is that both loops involve slight slopes – not enough to really slow our times down, but enough to make it hurt very quickly! I need to work on my strength as well as my speed, so it was the perfect session.

My times for the longer loop were between 1:47 (rep number 2) and 2:02 (rep number 5) and 1:13 (rep number 1) and 1:18 (rep 4) for the shorter loop. I managed to keep my recoveries constant at around 50 seconds.

I went out too hard (I was running with Sarah, who’s slightly faster than me) but I’m happy with my consistency.

We finished the session off with 10 hill sprints. The hill is about 150m long and the gradient is probable only 5% – again it was just enough to make us hurt! It was the perfect opportunity to work on form, which has resulted in sore glutes (which normally doesn’t happen).

A couple of us went for a slightly longer cool-down, and then we got lost so it turned into a looooong cool-down. Including my run to and from the session I ran 18km all up – a great start to a tuesday!

J and I are going away for a spontaneous coast trip tonight. We’re just going for 2 nights, and the weather is going to be terrible but it’ll be really nice to spend some time away together! I’ve even promised him that I’m not taking any running clothes – this week I’m trialling a less (days) is more approach, and making each session really worthwhile.


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