Playing with Running Form

I know there are a lot of variables with running form, but I’ve only just figured out what I may need to fix myself. It’s something that’s very difficult to self analyse!

I’ve been talking to some different people recently about what their limiting factor is when running. I find that in my case my quads start burning well before my lungs are telling me to stop, but for a lot of people their lungs seem to be more of a limit.

One of my coaches (my Friday morning coach) said to me to try and run a bit taller to try and spread the workload to other muscles.

Another girl in the squad said the same thing, but she also mentioned about my pelvis positioning. I know that when I’m tired I start to hunch over, but she made me realize that I also tilt my pelvis forward!


If you look at the waistband of my pants you can see that in the left photo it is flat, whereas in the second photo it looks higher in the front. I think that’s what’s happening when I run.

I don’t over stride, but I think I push my legs too far ahead of me when I run, which puts more strain on my quads. I also probably sink down in my hips when I’m tired. My foot strike is fine (I land mid-foot) and I don’t have any current injuries, but my ITB can get sore at times.

How do I fix my form?

There are a couple things that I think may help:

  • More awareness of my spine positioning and pelvic rotation when running
  • A stronger core, and stronger glutes
  • Focus on lifting my legs up more at the back
  • More plyometrics to encourage good form and increase leg power

The core work fits in with my extremely vain goal of wanting a six-pack! Even if my form doesn’t change dramatically I think that taking those steps will hopefully make me a stronger runner.


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