State Track 5000m

Saturday P.M 5000m (race), 21:22

I’m one of those crazy people who really likes racing on the track. I don’t do it very often, but it’s very satisfying knowing that every track race is comparable (obviously weather will affect the outcome, however most variables are minimized)

When entries opened for the state 5000m championships I entered immediately. I knew I’d come last (or close to last) but I was looking forward to having a measure or my current progress.

As the race drew closer I started to regret my decision. Even though my coach fully supports me entering I still doubted whether or not I belonged in the race.

I knew my endurance was improving but I’ve been doing limited speed work, so my goal was to run sub 22 (at the same race last year I ran 22 flat), and then get as close to my PB as possible (which is 21:03)

The field was the biggest I’ve seen it – last year there were only 6 of us, this year there were 15!

When the gun went I immediately settled into the back of the pack, and was determined to run my own race. It turns out there was another girl close to my speed so I naturally fell in behind her.

After 2 laps I overtook her, but she then passed me again 200m later, and I didn’t want to leapfrog her the whole time so I let her be.

Most of the field lapped me (but only once!), but still I stuck to the other girl. I ended up meeting my goal time (and finished last by only 6 seconds), but I do feel like I could have pushed a little bit harder. I usually go out too hard, but this time I think I went a bit too easy. I also didn’t run a very fast final lap, and usually my finishing kick is my strong point. I guess I didn’t have the fire burning in me during the race! It was still my 3rd fastest time for a 5k, so definitely a good start to the year.

Hopefully once the weather cools down and I get more speed work into my system I’ll race harder again! I definitely think my PB will be smashed this year.

Next race will be the 3000m champs in 3 weeks. I love 3k races, I wish there were more of them!


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