Our New Veggie Patch

One reason that I was excited about buying a house was the opportunity to build a veggie patch.

Our mate with a ute dropped some soil off for us on the weekend, so we bought some seedlings and now we’re finally in business! I originally wanted to do a lasagna raised bed, but this soil looks like top quality (I think it’s a compost/soil mix) so hopefully the veggies will love it!

I also tried to plant things together based on companion planting so hopefully everything flourishes.

20120123-111342.jpg tomatoes, carrots, herbs and chillies

20120123-111507.jpg beans, lettuce, beetroot and some lonely rocket (that didn’t fit in the other bed)

The plan is to eventually build another bed closer to the house or herbs, and I want to grow more salad greens. We’ll try to rotate crops between beds and I want to start planting with seeds. This time we went with seedlings because they’ll be ready quicker, bit seeds are cheaper and provide more variety!

20120123-111836.jpg (proof I did some of the work myself!)


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